Email notifications and password reset


I’m Silva, working at Cloud68 on operations and also on some aspects of Editoria as a Service. During the process of installing Editoria it has come to our attention that the functionality to implement email notifications and password resets is in the code, but is not in the documentation.

That’s why we’re opening this thread to work on a way of documenting the configuration of email notifications for Editoria.

@alexgeorg & @jure might know something about this, but also @unteem

Somewhat related issue:

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Hey @silva.arapi, that part of Editoria’s functionality is a bit outdated! I am working on it and I will keep you updated.


@alexgeorg thanks for this… can you say a little more about what you are doing on it and any thoughts you have on priorities/timelines.

Hey there, so basically I am in the middle of updating Editoria to use the latest pubsweet components (this also includes the new password-reset component). I am having some issues here and there due to the update but I believe by the end of this week or early next week I will have the updated Editoria which will also have a working version of password reset


awesome, thanks for the info @alexgeorg

Awesome @alexgeorg that’s great news :grin:

Hey @alexgeorg I was wondering if you have an update on this.
Many many thanks.


Hey @redonski the issue is resolved in the latest editoria-vanilla and booksprint. I have talked with @kominoshja about this I think. It only requires the appropriate configuration via the usage of env values.

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