Export book is working inconsistently

Hey @alexgeorg,
Sometimes when I try to preview/download PDF, download EPUB, I receive a warning message denoting, “NoSuchKey: The specified key does not exist.” and when trying to download ICML, I receive a warning message denoting, “Error: Error: undefined passed as argument #1 for ‘whereComposite’ operation. Call skipUndefined() method to ignore the undefined values.”.This happens only for some books. Can you guide me in this?

Hi @alexgeorg,
Any updates on it?

Hello @ShibinaS, this issue is similar to Issue in uploading and exporting files when creating another instance in same server.
Both of these have to do with your deployment as I cannot reproduce them.
As we have already discussed via p.m. I am working on how I can simplify the deployment process of Editoria in order to eliminate this kind of issues.
I will let you know when I finish this task

Okay @alexgeorg. Thanks for the update!