File Storage setup

What should be the values for new Asset Manager related variables for local instance of Editoria ?

export S3_ENDPOINT='' (*) (***)
export S3_PORT='' (*) (***)
export S3_ACCESS_KEY_ID_ADMIN='' (*) (***)
export S3_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY_ADMIN='' (*) (***)
export S3_ACCESS_KEY_ID_USER='' (*) (***)
export S3_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY_USER='' (*) (***)
export S3_BUCKET='' (*) (***)

Hello there,
if you are running the file server via the scripts provided in Editoria’s package.json then something like that will be fine:

export S3_ENDPOINT='http://localhost'
export S3_PORT='9000'
export S3_ACCESS_KEY_ID_ADMIN='admin'
export S3_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY_ADMIN='superSecretAdminPassword'
export S3_ACCESS_KEY_ID_USER='editoria'
export S3_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY_USER='superSecretUserPassword'
export S3_BUCKET='uploads'

At it’s pretty standard, shouldn’t this be in the readme?