Inline and styles missing while importing into indesign

hey @alexgeorg, we have exported ICML file from editoria and tried to import into the indesign template and found character, para style were missing.

Please guide, is there any work around or we have to style manually.

Hi @mohan!

I just tried to export to ICML, and i do have paragraphs and character styles in my indesign.

How is your content formated?
Could you share some ICML so i could try and see how it goes?

Also, which version of indesign are you using?


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Hello @julien,
I have sent you the ICML and input files personally. Please have a look and guide us in sorting this out.

Hi @ShibinaS

So i opened the icml file in indesign, and i have paragraph and inline styles showing up.

There seem to be some missing styles, so it would be great if i could have access to editoria, or the html export to see if there is any custom styles that isn’t converted.

I’m also investigating which export is used from editoria to figure out how things are made.

Hey @julien,
I have sent you the html file exported using pagedJS personally. Please have a look at it.

Hey @ShibinaS

So i checked the outout HTML file (the one for pagedjs) and the ICML output.

From the word files, we have

  • titles, lists and paragrahs
  • math equations
  • end notes
  • images
  • tables

I tried Pandoc to convert the HTML file you sent and the ICML i have is different from the one you sent to me, so we need to understand how this ICML was made (especially looking at list, tables and math equations) as it seems that the styling part was not totally completed.

That said, we have the content, and the styles are matching what we have in the HTML (even though it’s a limited set of what you could have in Editoria as it relies on the html elements and not the class: for example, h1 is a header 1, wheither it’s a chapter title or a part title).

One important information: editoria is using Pandoc to convert html to icml. That means that the export will be limited to what pandoc offer for now. We have another tool we need to try to update the export, specially made for Editoria.

@alexgeorg can let you know the timeframe for this new exporting tool, but like all new feature, it will need some testing to make sure everything works correctly.

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@julien @ShibinaS Converting to the new tool is something that will happen, but is currently not on the roadmap, as there is more pressing concerns to deal with. It will also likely be experimental, so different issues mgiht come up.

From what I understand from the description above, pandoc ouputs character styles properly. Am I right at that @julien? So the issue is likely either that something is wrong in the HTML produced as input, or in the setup that produces the output. Is there any way to replicate the missing styles?

Thanks, @yannis for the reply. We will discuss briefly in a meeting with our opeartion member who exported this file and find a way to replicate the missing styles.

Hi @ShibinaS

So i’ve been through the process of exporting all existing styles to icml to have a proper list.
It took some time because pandoc is not documenting the icml export correctly.

This is where we are with the export of Editoria to ICML. If we want another export, you will need to write a pandoc filter to define what would be your ICML export in this state of the app.

editoria: inDesign

title : header 1
subtitle : paragraph
author : paragraph
epigraph: prose  :  Blockquote
epigraph poetry  :  Blockquote
heading 1 : Header2
heading 2 : Header3
heading 3 : Header4
General Text : Paragraph
General Text Continued : Paragraph
Extract Prose : Blockquote 
Extract poetry : Blockquote 
source note : Blockquote 
bullet list first : BullList > First 
bullet list item : BullList 
ol list 1 : NumList > First 
ol list 2 : NumList 

figure caption : Caption 
note callout : link 
first note : NumList > First 

notes : NumList > First 

italique : Italic 
bold : Bold 
super : Superscript 
sub : Subscript 
link : Link 
inline code : Code 

The code blocks breaks the icml export, i opened an issue here.

Thanks, @julien for the update. Will try this.