Issue in uploading and exporting files when creating another instance in same server

Hi @alexgeorg,
We are facing issue in uploading and exporting files when we create another instance for editoria in same server.
Is this happening because there is already an instance running? If it is so, is there any other way to sort this out?

Hello @ShibinaS could you please provide more info? If you are using the same env variables for both instances then yes this could be a problem.

Hi @alexgeorg,
No. We aren’t using the same env variables. We have seperate database, and also run everything in different ports.

Thanks for the feedback @ShibinaS! Cloud you please provide me the logs of the server to check if any errors occurred? You can find them under the /logs directory

Sure, @alexgeorg. Let me get back to you with the logs shortly.

Hey @alexgeorg,
I have sent you the log file in mattermost. I couldn’t attach the file here because you have authorized only limited extensions to be uploaded here. Please have a look at it and provide me feedbacks!