Running Editoria locally

When working with Editoria, me as a developer need to start and stop it many times while developing. Is it necessary to do all the steps mention by @alexgeorg here “Installation problems”, to start the process from the beginning ?

@dmerizaj I think the only things you might need to run before starting to see changes, would be to clear docker by running docker system prune -a, and then the rest of the start commands.

As for frontend edits, you’d just need to restart the yarn server

The start commands are:

source ./config/development.env
yarn start:postgres
source ./config/development.env
yarn server
source ./config/development.env
yarn start:services

I tried executing these commands as @kominoshja defined, but on yarn server it gives this error:
$ pubsweet start /bin/sh: 1: pubsweet: not found error Command failed with exit code 127. info Visit for documentation about this command.

And today, form some unknown reasons, it just worked fine !
Thank you :slight_smile: