Services not working in latest version of Editoria

Hi @alexgeorg,
I’m trying to install the latest version (v.1.4.9) of Editoria in production environment. I got my app running, but the services(xsweet, icml,pagedjs,epub-checker) aren’t working. I couldn’t upload word document as well as couldn’t export the book ( preview using using pagedjs/vivliostyle and download epub/pdf/icml).
While uploading a input file(docx type), it shows the below popup,

It stays in uploading state for so long and the file doesn’t gets uploaded.
The console says,
app_1 | error: Error: no service credentials for service xsweet
app_1 | error: Error: Error: no service credentials for service xsweet message=Error: Error: no service credentials for service xsweet, locations=[line=2, column=3], path=[ingestWordFile], code=INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR

While exporting a book using pagedjs, vivliostyle / download pdf, epub, icml it says that no credentials for the respective service. eg:
“no service credentials for service pagedjs”
But I have all the services and their db’s running seperately.
Please guide me in migrating from older version to newer version.
Note: This was working fine for the previous versions of Editoria.

@alexgeorg, any updates on this?

Hello @ShibinaS. Nothing is changed in this specific version on how the services of Editoria work. The issue that I see based on the info you have provided is that you either haven’t declared valid credentials for the services or not provided credentials at all. Make sure you have generated client credentials for each service that you want to use and then pass them as env variables to your Editoria server as described in here

I can confirm @alexgeorg’s point that the services have not changed.

From your error message

no service credentials for service xsweet

there’s something wrong with your configuration

Please answer the following:

  • Have you build the images before starting the containers?
  • Can the service connect to its database?
  • Have you generated the client:secret pair?
  • Did you configure Editoria’s environment variables to use the correct pair of credentials?
  • Are other services working as expected?
  • What’s the webserver’s config for the services
  • Have the environment variables been sourced before building/running the image/container?