SSL integartion in editoria production environment

Hey @alexgeorg, good morning.
Having some clarification on SSL integration with the production server. we have tried serveral ways to integrate SSL but couldn’t make it. Please let me know Is there any guidelines for implementing SSL in Editoria production server or any suggestions from your side.
Mohan Kumar. A

@mohan did you try to run a webserver in front to handle ssl connection and proxy_pass to the editoria app? I don’t think Editoria can terminate SSL itself

@kominoshja, nope just I up the pubsweet server and other services as per the production guidelines provided.

@kominoshja could you share your experience with @mohan in more detail? Thanks

@kominoshja, will try proxy web server and let you know. thanks.

@kominoshja and @alexgeorg, tried proxy webserver and working fine. thanks.

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