Styles missing when converting ICML to InDesign

Hi @julien,
One of our members in production team has processed the sample pages from ICML to InDesign and noticed only very few styles mapped in the conversion. Please find herewith attached report, where we need to add styles to check on the complete conversion process.
I have sent you the pdf file in mattermost.Please guide us.

Hello @ShibinaS

The state of the export to ICML in editoria is the one explained here:

As you see, tables and equations are not yet exportable, notes are transformed into a numbered list at the end of the chapter, etc.

Also, the fact that you have a numbered list not being rendered as a numbered list makes me think it wasn’t set up as a list in editoria. Was the content edited, or was it a simple docx upload and conversion?

We’ll talk with @alexgeorg what will be the best way to work with you on the icml exporter, if we need to have a proper set of filters for Pandoc or if we need to have another option after the holidays.