Unable to upload .docx file into the system

With reference of below topic:

Hi @alexgeorg, as you have mentioned I am able to upload images, but I could not able to upload .docx files and export PDF, epub.

Mohan Kumar. A

Have you used the script which creates Templates?

Hi @alexgeorg, No I could not find that script to run.
Please guide.

Mohan Kumar. A

hey there @mohan, cloud you start over by cloning this repo git@gitlab.coko.foundation:editoria/editoria.git and following the instructions in INSTALL.md?
Sorry for the inconvenience but we recently changed our project’s structure and it will be better if you also change to the new one. You will find that the instructions will be fairly the same as the ones you already familiar with.

hi @alexgeorg, thanks let me try this and let you know.

Hey @alexgeorg, I have tried new repo and installed as per the instruction.
but still I could not able to upload docx file.

please find below screen shot.

and in console some error thrown as below.

hey there @mohan, this error msg usually appears when the services are started before the application’s server is properly started. That’s why I told you to check if the application is up and running before you execute the yarn start:services. Could you please make sure that you are starting things in the correct order?

hey @alexgeorg, Thanks for your support and now its working. I have scraped all the old container, services and started fresh deployment from scratch and its working fine.
Again thanks for your support.

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Hi @alexgeorg,

After deployment we have checked the features of editoria and found some issues in it. below are the issues, please guide.

functionality description
Reset Password The link for resetting the password is not getting triggered to the users email ID.
Export - Download Not able to download in PDF, epub format
Export _Preview To view preview the viviliostyle is not available
Book_Archive Both Archive and Unarchive book showing in show archive book

Mohan Kumar. A

Below the discussion of each item of the table