User bug occurring on macOS

Hi folks! One of the users of Editoria as a Service have reported the issue below and since they are working at a book at the moment a prompt response help is highly appreciated. Keep in mind that we have had the same issue with another Editoria instance we had installed previously.

One of the authors is reviewing the editor’s comments and suggested changes in her chapter in Editoria and is experiencing difficulties with the toolbars. The entire left tool panel, including the “Record Changes” button, is greyed out and inoperative. From the top tool panel, the “Save”, “Add Image”, “Add Note”, “Special Character”, “Search”, “Ornament”, and “Spell Check” buttons remain accessible, but the others are greyed out and inoperative. Mousing over any of these converts the cursor to a slashed-through “Cancel/Do Not Enter”-type symbol. This behaviour is the same whether or not she has text selected.

She is able to work in the text area normally, adding and deleting text, with all her changes recorded and displayed. She can still use the keyboard shortcuts for the tools whose buttons are not accessible (such as ‘cmd+b’ for bold and ‘cmd+i’ for italics) and these operations work correctly in the text. After using one of these shortcuts, her top toolbar un-greys and becomes accessible, but it greys out again and returns to inoperative status if she changes her location in the text. The left panel remains grey and inoperative all the time, leaving her unable to change the markup of paragraphs. She is running Mac OS 10.14 Mojave and experiences the same problem in the latest versions of both Firefox and Chrome.

We have had another incident similar to this on other macOS devices, so we were wondering if it’s related to macOS, rather than to user access.

Hey @kominoshja, flavor of editoria, version of editoria, user role, book component stage? Also a screenshot will be useful from bookbuilder and wax editor.